Money Matters: Credit Cards

I’m definitely not a ‘Confessions of a Shopholic’ level credit card collector but I do think there are a few important and useful reasons to get a credit card.

Nice to Meet You, I’m a Slut! Fifteen Again

If the weather allows us, I intend to get (socially distanced) drunk once again with my home friends in a field. I am lucky to live in a place with an abundance of open spaces, even if it means struggling up a 100m incline to get there, and a pretty clumsy pitch-black descent once we’re done for the night.

Money Matters: The Fuck Off Fund

Essentially, the fuck off fund is a sum of money you keep in a bank account solely owned and managed by yourself, that is there not only for emergencies like car breakdowns but for a sense of independence.

Money Matters: Bad Weeks

‘Bad’ weeks might come around because of unexpected financial burdens or simply because I decide that I want a week of fun post- Prelims. So really, a ‘bad’ week for me, can sometimes be rather good.

Money Matters: Good Weeks

There’s something about atmospheric science that makes me want to eat melted cheese so a friend and I grab cheese and onion toasties in the JCR café

Wime Reviews: What Wine?

I step out of the window into the night, to take a long stroll through the city streets in a taxi. Sipping my wine and rocking the cab with my jumps of joy.