More Than The Game: MMA And The Perfect Storm Of Our Troubled Times

The central, most essential idea surrounding ‘toxic masculinity’ is that of the ‘alpha-male’, who seeks to dominate, belittle, and ‘beat’ those weaker than him. While it’s unlikely that the executives of the UFC are purposefully propagating the characteristics of potentially destructive forms of manhood, the harm done by damaged men to themselves and their communities is one of the great problems of our time.

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Money Matters: Planning Your Pension

The earlier you start the better… if you choose to invest in pension funds, your money will have longer to grow and may see better returns in the future. The most attractive reason for starting early, for me at least, is the possibility of retiring younger.

Money Matters: Stocks and Shares ISAs

Investing from a younger age means you can take on slightly more risk as you can ride out any troughs in the market and wait for longer term high returns. It’s important to keep in mind the long term nature of investment, particularly at a time like 2020 when the market is, quite frankly, going to shit.

Money Matters: Micro-Investing

Investment is a big decision, but if you choose to try it out, it often proves to be a great way to grow your savings. Micro-investing is a relatively new concept, aimed at challenging and breaking down barriers to traditional investing, perfect for trying out investment for the first time.