Meet the Lifestyle Team (Part Two): Six Things We Can’t Live Without

Images: Riana Modi, Fariha Uddin, Gloria Morey, Amelie Bhaluani In which the other half of the Lifestyle Team reveal Six Things They Can’t Live Without. As before, we’ve limited ourselves to the six items which are essential to helping us get through our day. Riana – Travel Editor Glasses Sad but true! I am really Read More…


Meet the Lifestyle Team (Part One): Six Things We Can’t Live Without

Images: Joseph Geldman, Zahra Grieve, Ellee Su A big hello from the new Lifestyle Team at The Oxford Blue! We’re working on some really exciting things to keep you interested throughout the Long Vacation and Michaelmas! Before any of that, though, allow us to introduce ourselves with our take on GQ‘s Things We Can’t Live Read More…

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Ask Aunty Annabel: Young, wild, and free – will I miss out on the true university experience by being in a long-distance relationship?

In this week’s agony aunt column, Aunty Annabel (Bella Stock) advises a student on whether to pursue a long-distance relationship while at university. Illustration by Iris Bowdler.

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Ask Aunty Annabel: Burnt out and blue? How to manage expectations of productivity

Aunty Annabel (Bella Stock) responds to a reader on how to prevent burnout.

Artwork by Iris Bowdler

“I’m a connoisseur of spending the entire week procrastinating, beginning an essay at midnight and finishing bang on the deadline at 8am before hitting the hay. It’s a technique which has served me reasonably well, though it has probably taken its toll on my sleep and the life expectancy of my long-suffering mother, who is forever fretting about my notorious all-nighters. So when I say, ‘do as I say and not as I do’, I really mean it.”