More Than The Game: MMA And The Perfect Storm Of Our Troubled Times

The central, most essential idea surrounding ‘toxic masculinity’ is that of the ‘alpha-male’, who seeks to dominate, belittle, and ‘beat’ those weaker than him. While it’s unlikely that the executives of the UFC are purposefully propagating the characteristics of potentially destructive forms of manhood, the harm done by damaged men to themselves and their communities is one of the great problems of our time.

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Money Matters: Planning Your Pension

The earlier you start the better… if you choose to invest in pension funds, your money will have longer to grow and may see better returns in the future. The most attractive reason for starting early, for me at least, is the possibility of retiring younger.

At-Home Workouts: Here to Stay?

Two major advantages of home workouts are their flexibility and convenience; you can do them from anywhere, at any time, without factoring in travelling to the gym. This makes them perfect for our eventual return to Oxford. A gym however has far more on offer and there’s something about being in a space dedicated to exercise that allows for better focus.

Restaurant Recipe Recreations

Through trying out recipes from Le Caprice and Pret, Katharine Spurrier reflects on attempting restaurant cooking at home and what might be missing from this experience.