A discussion with Shariq Haidery: The North, Pakistan, Oxford and me.

Shariq Haidery sits down with The Oxford Blue to talk about how his background as a Northern BAME student as shaped his Oxford experience during another pandemic-hit term.

“Being the only British-Pakistani student at my college does weigh quite heavily on my mind. I constantly feel this pressure to represent all my desi people out there.”


An Interview with Nancy Mudenyo Hunt: an award-winning philanthropist

After spending a week interning with the Nasio Trust, Phoebe Jowett Smith had the pleasure of speaking with Nancy Mudenyo Hunt about her experiences as a black women in the charity sector.

“Discrimination faced within the charity sector is not often talked about, but it remains a pertinent and important issue. Instead of giving in to the racism which governs British systems and organisations, Nancy said she “felt an opportunity to take the power back and to do things the way she expected them to be done.”

Tim Harford

Tim Harford on Economics, Statistics, and the Pandemic

It would be a stretch to call Tim Harford a household name, but for an economist, he comes close. In a long and varied career, he has presented a range of podcasts and radio shows, published several best-selling books, including The Undercover Economist and How to Make the World Add Up, and writes a regular Read More…


CloseTheLockdownGap with Mustafaen Kamal

Oliver Bater speaks with Mustafaen Kamal, who has founded an initiative to provide free tuition to students worst affected by the latest government and is looking to Oxford Students for help.

“For a country that is at the forefront of education, with some of the world’s leading universities, to face this level of inequality is startling. The fact that an initiative like ours even exists seems to me quite a damning statement about the political situation in the UK. Our aim is to arrange 100,000 hours of tuitions for students, and we hope that the expertise of our tutors can help make up for some of the time lost in the classroom.”

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Sundry Style with Nick Foulkes: “I dug deeply into the surface of things”

In this instalment of Sundry Style we interview Nick Foulkes, a journalist who has for over 30 years written for every glossy magazine imaginable. He has also published over 20 books, ranging from 19th and 20th century social history to art, horology, and material culture.

“You come round to the Wordsworthian view of communing with nature is better than Cartier clock buying. But actually, I can see the charm in buying a Cartier clock as much as I can in rolling around in nature.”