The Hong Kong protests: a comprehensive study

At midnight on the 1 July 1997, 156 years of British colonial rule ended in Hong Kong. This date also marked the end of the British Empire, and Hong Kong was returned to China. Despite the assurances of the Joint Declaration, in the 23 years since the transferral of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty, long seated antagonism in Hong Kong against China has been building since 1997.

How populism is destroying the Amazon

“Although deforestation has been rising since Bolsonaro took office at the beginning of 2019 (many may remember the uncontrollable wildfires that began last summer), the Coronavirus crisis seems to be accelerating the problem.”

Rising food costs in Lebanon spark riots

Thousands of protesters across Lebanon blocked roads and marched through the streets as a response to rising food prices and to the lira’s rapid devaluation. The demonstrations that broke out quickly turned into riots as…