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Opinion: On the BJP’s rampant Islamophobia and Modi’s telling silence

46 people died in Delhi last week. BJP police watched as Hindu mobs dragged, stoned and murdered their Muslim neighbours. The 903 arrests made since have disproportionately targeted the Muslim community. A brief timeline: in December, the BJP pushed through a Citizenship Amendment Act which makes it easier for all of South Asia’s major religions, Read More…

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An Arms Race Against Coronavirus

The global invasion of the novel Coronavirus, now christened COVID-19, shows no sign of stopping. In the most recent situation report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are upwards of 85,000 confirmed cases of the virus, 1753 of which are new cases in the last 24 hours alone. While 93% of these cases remain Read More…

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Chaos in the caucus: a student volunteer’s story of a dramatic week in Iowa

“When I boarded my flight to Iowa, I had no idea four days later I would be a precinct captain, grabbing the microphone from the caucus chair and fact-checking CNN.”

Annalise Myre, an undergraduate in Georgetown University Class of 2023, comments on her experience as a student volunteer for Joe Biden’s campaign for the fraught Iowa caucus earlier this year.