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Croatia Hit by Strong Earthquake

On Tuesday, Croatia was struck by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, killing at least 7. The town of Petrinja, 50km South of Zagreb, was the worst hit, with its mayor describing the earthquake as “one huge catastrophe”. This is an area of Croatia which is already suffering economically. Houses near the epicentre were left in ruins Read More…

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New strains of COVID: what we know so far

One year after the virus first emerged, new strains of COVID-19 have been detected across the world. Whilst mutations have occurred over the past twelve months, a graph from this study shows that the new version spreading throughout the UK is markedly different. The new strain, known as B.1.1.7, has mutated enough that it only sets Read More…

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Argentina’s decision to legalise abortion underscores the Vatican’s loss of influence in Latin American lawmaking

“On matters of sex and procreation, the attitude of the Vatican has remained unrelentingly regressive.”

Oliver Buckingham explores the link between changing attitudes towards abortion in Latin America and the influence of the Catholic Church.

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Biden success, Republican future hang on Georgia Senate race

It is a suitably dramatic ending to the 2020 election cycle. When voters in the Southern US state of Georgia go to the polls on January 6th to vote for two senators, they will also decide much more. If Democrats can win both races, President-elect Joe Biden will have a working Senate majority, albeit a Read More…

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The Establishment Strikes Back? – Exploring America’s Post-Trump Foreign Policy

It would be fair to say that every member of the incoming Biden administration has a stressful job ahead of them. Their list of tasks is undeniably daunting: dealing with one of the world’s worst Covid outbreaks; restoring faith in a government structure undermined by four years of populism; and attempting to reconcile a country  Read More…

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Cameroon Conflict: The influence of language and colonial legacy

Colonial Languages as Oppressors and Drivers of Conflict In Western culture, the ability to speak multiple languages  is heralded as a means of professional mobility. We’re taught from a young age that multilingualism will ‘open doors for you’, especially if your languages are spoken in multiple regions across the world. This is particularly the case Read More…