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Introduction To: Ashe

“The highly anticipated 2021 debut album ‘Ashlyn’ covers a variety of themes and styles, ranging from a slow ballad about loving someone through every obstacle, to a direct indie anthem about the experience of post-long-term relationship one-night stands.” Hannah Kieve introduces Ashe, reflecting on her lyricism as an artist.

Cultures Monthly Review Music

September Review: Halsey’s ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’

For the music section’s September Review, Hetta Johnson discusses Halsey’s ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’. She explores how this album, structured around her new experience as a mother, represents a new chapter for Halsey while still remaining true to her iconic discography.

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Book Inspired Playlists: Jack Kerouac’s Maggie Cassidy

This new mini-series ‘Book Inspired Playlists’ aims to introduce us to literature through the medium of music, offering a voice those emotions and feelings that cannot be easily explained through words. First, Emily Poncia takes on Kerouac’s Maggie Cassidy.

Cultures Introduction to Music

Introduction to: Faouzia

In our ‘Introduction to:’ series, writers take their artists who are perhaps more unknown or underrated than they should be showing us exactly why they deserve more attention. This time, Lifestyle Editor Gloria Morey introduces Faouzia and reflects on the beauty that comes from excellent lyrics sung even more excellently.

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For Your Ears Only: Every Bond Theme Ranked

“A quick disclaimer: this ranking will take into account how much I like the song personally, as well as the Bond-ness, for lack of a better phrase. So, while Shirley Bassey’s themes may not feature among my personal favourites, she will still feature relatively highly.” Ben Holden ranks each Bond theme in anticipation for the release of Fukunaga’s ‘No Time To Die’.

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Review: Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’

‘With versatile and stellar production from her brother Finneas, Billie has produced an album that showcases her maturity and personal growth, while being brutally honest about her flaws and fears.’ Kenny Cota reviews Billie Eilish’s new album ‘Happier Than Ever’.