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Puzzles of the Week

Weekly puzzles for your perusal! This week, test your current affairs knowledge with the weekly News Quiz and try to unscramble the Word Wall. Answers below!

News Quiz

1 What do these events have in common: Geneva Motor Show, Ireland vs Italy (Rugby), Chinese Grand Prix, World Athletics Indoor Championships?

2 China is planning to send a 100,000 strong army of what animal to Pakistan, to help deal with a massive locust infestation?

3 Can you name the former Egyptian president who died this week? He was ousted during the 2011 revolution and sentenced to life imprisonment, which was later reduced and overturned in subsequent retrials under the new regime.

4 February is LGBT History Month in the UK. What proportion of the House of Commons is made up of MPs who are publicly out as LGBT?

5 Can you name the newsworthy figure from the past week, based on an anagram of their name? Their age, and the number of letters in their first/surnames, is given in brackets.

a Burnt earth egg

(17 years old; 5,8)

b He’s every anti win

(67 years old; 6,9)

c Comic dimming sun

(48 years old; 7,8)

Word Wall

Can you group these words into four sets of four, each set linked by a common theme?



News Quiz

1 They have all been either cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

2 Ducks

3 Hosni Mubarak

4 50-54 out of the 650 sitting MPs (7.7% – 8.3%), according to and 

5a Greta Thunberg

5b Harvey Weinstein

5c Dominic Cummings

Word Wall

Gallium, Germanium, Nihonium, Polonium (Elements named after countries)

Tin, Silver, Gold, Platinum (Wedding anniversaries)

Emerald, Lion, Motor, Sin ( ___ City)

Alibi, Scone, Slabs, Windy (Contain abbreviations for British political parties)