While not studying, Tom (he/him) has written across a range of subjects, including national publications in engineering and arts sectors - primarily for the Musical Theatre Review. He is Secretary of the Oxford Socratic Society and often stays up too late arguing about ethics.
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Lights, Camera, But Definitely No Action: Sex On Screen and Covid-19

Curtains have been closed, concession stands bare, for many months. The arts industries have suffered more than many, performing arts in particular, mostly in light of how easily an infectious disease could proliferate in an enclosed space full of people sitting shoulder to shoulder. Concerns now seem to have, well, spread deeper into the industrial Read More…

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Ra Ra Reviewsputin!

Balliol’s latest annual charity show, Rasputin, doesn’t sound exactly promising in concept. When you hear ‘student-written comedy-musical based on unstable early 20th century Russian politics’ it doesn’t scream success. It certainly succeeds on stage, though. Throughout Act 1 we are treated to the introduction of the Romanov royal family and their court as you’ve never Read More…