My experience getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

After months of suffering through the pandemic, the end is finally in sight. With the approval of 3 major vaccines in the UK in the past few weeks, namely the Oxford-AstraZeneca developed one, the plan to vaccinate the country has quickly swung into full force. However, with the current priority list of the government, beginning Read More…


“If I were stranded on a desert island, I would bring…”: Meet the Culture Section Editors! (Part 1)

The new editorial team has been appointed for the summer vac and Michaelmas term and we are all excited to get to know The Oxford Blue writing community as we work with you over the next few months.  By way of introduction, we thought we’d give you some insight into what we really love by Read More…


Our Sections MT20

If you’re wondering which of our wonderful teams would be the best fit for you, we’ve got you covered. Below, our new Senior Editorial Team has put together a brief guide to our sections along with some examples of their favourite stories and content to help get you inspired.