Thang is a second year Classicist at Trinity. He plays the trombone and sings tenor in the Trinity College Chapel Choir. He enjoys baking and long walks along the beach.
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Get with the programme: M.I.High – what childhood spy dreams are made of

It isn’t, can’t and will never be a BAFTA winner, but it’s not trying to be. It’s a wonderful piece of entertainment for young and old, and it deserves a watch whether on a nostalgia trip or for the first time. M.I. High is the definitive escapist childhood spy fantasy, realised before your very eyes on the laptop screen.

Columns Film & TV Lifestyle

Get with the programme: Wheeler Dealers, daytime TV for dads

It’s the Christmas vac. You need to find the next best thing to procrastinate to besides Netflix, but the news is far too depressing and Film 4 just ain’t cutting it with yet another Carry On film. You need daytime TV. But which show? You’re looking for something to watch while you browse Facebook and Read More…