When she's not drowning in the workload from her French and Russian degree, Sophie enjoys reading, yoga, ballet and writing. You can usually find her staying up all night in the throes of an existential crisis or in your nearest bookshop.
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UK scientists suggest face masks should be worn outdoors

Early last week, the British government announced that the UK’s total Covid-19 death count exceeded 100,000 people, making us the fifth country globally and the first in Europe to achieve such a sorrowful milestone. Hitting such a depressing statistic raises question of how we might prevent this figure from continuing to climb at such an Read More…

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Why Arnold Bennett is my new favourite Bennet(t) – sorry, Elizabeth

” “Considering I only slept 2 hours last night, I was in astonishingly creative form to-day”. I immediately thought that these were the words of an enlightened genius.”

Sophie Benbelaid is certainly not one afraid of burning the midnight oil and in Arnold Bennet she finds a great affinity


Striking the Balance: How to Maintain Your Work-Life Ratio During Lockdown

When Oxford announced its plans for Trinity term to take place remotely in support of UK government guidelines of social distancing and national lockdown, hearts broke up and down the country. No trashing? No garden parties? Coexisting with parents and siblings? Sounds like hell. But since we’re all back home, trying to support each other from afar, how can we make the best of this situation?