Sarina Chandaria reads Geography at Christ Church, and is going into her third year. She has a particular fondness for travel writing, chats about personal finance and buying more books than she could ever possibly read.

Money Matters: Money and Mental Health

Mental health issues and financial difficulties can trap us in an endless cycle of anxiety, stress and uncertainty. For example, poor mental health may make it more difficult to regularly earn money, or to manage spending, or ask for help, leading to financial difficulties which in turn cause further stress and anxiety.

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Sexism, Colourism and Aunty Gaze: A Review of Indian Matchmaking

Like the majority of my South Asian friends (and my mum’s friends and cousins and aunties who aren’t really aunties), I was inexplicably drawn to Netflix’s new show Indian Matchmaking. Arranged marriages are something that are very commonly associated with the South Asian community, but not something that has happened in my family for quite Read More…

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Money Matters: Micro-Investing

Investment is a big decision, but if you choose to try it out, it often proves to be a great way to grow your savings. Micro-investing is a relatively new concept, aimed at challenging and breaking down barriers to traditional investing, perfect for trying out investment for the first time.