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All dressed up and nowhere to go: Fashion in the time of Corona

At the time of writing, I can say that, somehow, I have been able to survive 15 days under lockdown already. From the day I landed in my home city of Lima, Perú, I’ve been confined in the most familiar of settings; my home. While far from what I had been hoping for as I was flying back from the UK, at least I can proudly state something not everyone reading this will be able to say; I haven’t spent a single day fully in the ‘comfort’ of my pyjamas.

Much on the contrary, I would say that I’ve indulged in dressing up. For what? Well, do allow me to answer that question, and to present before you the case for adopting extravagance during these challenging times.

To dress up, to defy the mundane is as relevant now as ever. Virus or no virus, we should not resign ourselves to the defeat embodied by pyjamas. Not even in these times of dread should we abdicate the dignity of a good (or at least, in the case of some of you, a decent) sense of fashion.

To give up on garments not designed for comfort may be a tempting proposition for a great many of you. Indeed, if locked at home, what’s the point of dressing up? Yet, is it not a great pleasure to overdress for no reason whatsoever? Think of it in the following way: we overdress for bops, pub crawls, clubbing here and there. I mean, at least I do. If you don’t partake in the same practice, just take my word for it: it is always fun to stand out thanks to a masterfully-planned outfit. If such a simple delight is not enough to motivate you, then let me present a different, perhaps more compelling argument.

Much like a sword of Damocles, dressing up will be instrumental in our fight against the looming lockdown insanity hanging above our heads. These days, as we are forced to spend obscene amounts of time indoors, we need to reject the ordinary by adopting the extraordinary. Think of the promise offered by every single new outfit, the thrilling prospect of each new experiment, every single unknown combination. Play with whatever amalgamation of garments you please. Amuse yourself!

To fall for the temptation of sleeping gowns, silken robes, and oversized t-shirts as the centre-pieces for your daily outfit is to condemn yourself, for why would you seek to reject the morale-boost offered by new and adventurous outfits, now that our psyche needs it more than ever?

Dare to reject the ordinary in these extraordinary times. Embrace eccentricity, accept opulence, and venture to have fun.