Spy in tuxedo against a backdrop of computer code. Illustration by Khadijah Ali
Global Affairs

The Pegasus Spyware Scandal: Revelations, repercussions, and a need for new regulations

As our lives are transposed into a virtual world running parallel to our own, we can no longer hide from the grim realities of a digital age. Nor, as the revelations of the past weeks show, can we always hide from the penetrating gaze and telescopic reach of governments. On 18th July, an exposé was Read More…

Global Affairs

Afghanistan: What might the future hold?

9/11, and the circumstances it gave rise to, left deep wounds in the lives of millions of people and consequently made an indelible mark in history. As the fiery rubble of the Twin Towers came crashing down and a sudden emptiness replaced the 2,977 lives lost, the cracking sound of crumbling concrete seemed to reverberate Read More…