Osian (he/him) is the Interviews Editor. He reads English at Trinity, and is in his second year. Osian holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest 20 year old in the world.
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Sundry Style with Nick Foulkes: “I dug deeply into the surface of things”

In this instalment of Sundry Style we interview Nick Foulkes, a journalist who has for over 30 years written for every glossy magazine imaginable. He has also published over 20 books, ranging from 19th and 20th century social history to art, horology, and material culture.

“You come round to the Wordsworthian view of communing with nature is better than Cartier clock buying. But actually, I can see the charm in buying a Cartier clock as much as I can in rolling around in nature.”

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Sundry Style with Benedict Browne: “You can learn something from everybody”

The biggest problem with Savile Row is that the rents are too high and not sustainable for craft businesses. The whole street needs to come together and complain, but also put forward a solution. I think they’ll pull it off; they have to.

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Sundry Style with Aleks Cvetkovik: The Prince of Podcasters

Osian chats with Aleks Cvetkovik. Who, fresh out of Oxford only some six years ago, quickly found a niche for himself as a menswear journalist at The Rake Magazine. He then moved on to become deputy editor of luxury men’s magazine The Jackal before turning freelance two years ago to try his hand at making podcasts.

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The Radio Show at the End of the World: “soufflé-light”

As the world turns back the clock to resemble the plague-ridden Dark Ages, so too are its inhabitants turning back to an old form of entertainment: listening to the radio. The Oxford University Light Entertainment Society are therefore right on the money in choosing their subject and medium with their latest production, The Radio Show Read More…

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Hero-Man: “a bizarre and bad-mannered comic musical”

Pendulum Productions’ Hero-Man is a bizarre and bad-mannered comic musical about the eponymous hero, played by Reef Ronel: an ultra-macho defender of the realm who defeats evil antagonist Joel Fernandez’s Reknaw on a weekly basis. Hero-Man is assisted by Martin Lindill as Tim, and his canine pal Zap, played by Sarah Davies, who throw their Read More…