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Russian Troop Build-up Prompts Western Alarm

The US European Command (EUCOM) raised its threat level to the highest level last week (‘Potential Imminent Crisis’) as a build-up of Russian forces on Ukraine’s eastern border prompted alarm amongst western leaders. In excess of 20,000 troops are thought to have been deployed on the border separating Russia from the Ukrainian oblasts of Donetsk Read More…


No Religion Deserves Freedom from Ridicule

Oliver Buckingham argues that to place any faith beyond criticism is to threaten free and open discourse.

“No one deserves to live in fear for doing their job. And no religion deserves freedom from criticism. A secular, tolerant, open society rests on its citizens being able to question, and yes, even ridicule the institutions around them.”


The International Community Must Act to Protect Myanmar’s Democracy

“The lesson we should have learnt from the Middle-Eastern wars is that interventions must be prudent and limited, and pursued only with detailed knowledge of the invariably complex situation on the ground. This does not mean intervention is always the wrong thing to do. Yet, many politicians have arrived at the conclusion that the use of military force is inherently irresponsible.”

Oliver Buckingham examines the case for intervention in Myanmar.

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Independence ‘means war’ – China dials up Taiwan rhetoric

Featured image: “龜山島+國旗(Turtle Isnand with Taiwan Flag)” by bravesheng is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Chinese aggression in the Western Pacific reached new heights last week, as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sought to apply pressure to Taiwanese leaders favouring formal independence. A statement from a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) spokesperson on Thursday included this threat:   “We warn those Read More…


Without concession, there can be no democracy

“My fervent hope is that a Biden presidency, operating at a more sedate pace than its febrile predecessor, will calm America’s political atmosphere. The return to a more respectful politics, of the kind Mitt Romney showed in 2012, requires effort from both sides.”

Oliver Buckingham discusses Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the 2020 election.

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Argentina’s decision to legalise abortion underscores the Vatican’s loss of influence in Latin American lawmaking

“On matters of sex and procreation, the attitude of the Vatican has remained unrelentingly regressive.”

Oliver Buckingham explores the link between changing attitudes towards abortion in Latin America and the influence of the Catholic Church.