Oliver Buckingham is a writer for The Blue, and has his own blog at https://whirlwindofscrappaper.com/. He is a History and Politics student at Lady Margaret Hall, and writes about politics, foreign affairs and books. When he’s not doing that, he’s constructing a flux-capacitor and bathing in a tepid chrono-synclastic infundibulum. He serves pan-galactic gargle blasters at seven.

By Surrendering to the Taliban, America Has Betrayed the Afghan People

Oliver Buckingham makes the case that America’s Afghan withdrawal is an example of cynical, short-termist foreign policy.

“Biden appears to believe that Afghanistan’s status as ‘America’s Longest War’ is reason enough to end it. But it is no reason at all.”

Image copyright Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Global Affairs

Russian Troop Build-up Prompts Western Alarm

The US European Command (EUCOM) raised its threat level to the highest level last week (‘Potential Imminent Crisis’) as a build-up of Russian forces on Ukraine’s eastern border prompted alarm amongst western leaders. In excess of 20,000 troops are thought to have been deployed on the border separating Russia from the Ukrainian oblasts of Donetsk Read More…


No Religion Deserves Freedom from Ridicule

Oliver Buckingham argues that to place any faith beyond criticism is to threaten free and open discourse.

“No one deserves to live in fear for doing their job. And no religion deserves freedom from criticism. A secular, tolerant, open society rests on its citizens being able to question, and yes, even ridicule the institutions around them.”