Molayo is an avid sportsman, writer and musician outside his studies. He likes to write about a range of topics, from Current Affairs to Sports. Having grown up in London, he has grown up amidst diversity and is a strong advocate of letting all voices be heard.
Current Affairs

St Hugh’s JCR votes to remove red meat

A motion by St Hugh’s JCR to remove beef and lamb from the college’s hall menu has passed by 70 votes to 63, The Oxford Blue has found.  This follows the Student Union’s decision to remove beef and lamb from University canteens, as well as Christ Church College making vegetarianism their default option for student Read More…

Current Affairs

Oxford hospital first to deliver AstraZeneca vaccine

The Churchill Hospital in Oxford became the first in the UK to administer the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. 82 year-old Brian Pinker was the first to receive the initial dose on Monday morning, in another landmark moment in the fight against Covid-19. The long-awaited Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was delivered to Oxfordshire hospitals on Sunday, after approval by the Read More…

Current Affairs

Oxford, Cut the Rent threatening Hilary Term rent strike

An Oxford University rent strike movement has joined a host of student collectives and campaigns across the UK in protesting universities’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Oxford, Cut the Rent has said that if its campaign attracts the support of enough individuals, the proposed rent strike will begin in Hilary term 2021. The campaign was Read More…

Health and Wellbeing Lifestyle

Quarantine Chronicles: What it’s like to be a fresher in isolation

All in all, these are not ideal circumstances. Having to isolate, miss events or even just missing friends who are in isolation. But this is a time where we need to assist one another, and we can get through it. And with the news of a national lockdown coming recently too, the support of those around us will be even more important.