Megan is Video Editor, but she likes writing anything that she can relate back to her history degree and pretend it's 'revision'. Outside of academics, she plays violin with the Hertford College Music Society, is secretary for the Oxford University Historical Re-enactment Society, and enjoys walking her dogs who are in fact the cutest in the world (unofficial award).
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Laïcité cannot justify French Islamophobia

France’s recent history has been rocky when it comes to religion. In 2004, President Jacques Chirac introduced a law forbidding the wearing of any ‘conspicuous’ symbols of religion in schools. This included the Jewish kippa and Muslim hijab, though the wearing of ‘discreet’ symbols, such as cross jewellery, was permitted. In 2007, this was extended Read More…

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Why we don’t need to panic about the plague in Inner Mongolia

On Thursday the 11th of June, Donald Trump told a crowd that he prefers to call COVID-19 the “plague from China”. As well as being blatantly xenophobic, this statement strikes fear into the listener because it likens the coronavirus outbreak to one of the most fatal pandemics in human history: the Black Death. The Black Read More…