Max (he/him) is Environment News Editor at The Oxford Blue for Michaelmas 2020. He is in his second year studying History and Politics at Balliol.
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The ‘green industrial revolution’: We’re on fire and Boris will bring a hose (by 2030-ish)

Why isn’t road building called a revolution? Or perhaps we should call that most disastrous project, HS2, the rail revolution. The government has set aside £27bn for road building projects over the course of its (potential) five years in office, whilst the ever-ballooning cost of HS2 is set to top £100bn. The huge sums of Read More…

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Oxford Climate Justice Campaign calls on University to tackle climate crisis and ‘systemic racism’

Oxford University Climate Justice Campaign (OCJC) has renewed its calls for the University and its colleges to take greater action to reduce their contribution to the climate crisis and climate-driven injustices.

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Parents hold Radcliffe Camera ‘shoe strike’ on day of global climate action

The temporary installation included hundreds of pairs of children’s and adult’s shoes with messages of hopes, wishes and fears about the future, accompanied by a banner asking, “Would you want to be in our kids’ shoes?”