Max (he/him) was formerly Environment News Editor at The Oxford Blue, and now writes a weekly Climate Column. He is in his second year studying History and Politics at Balliol.

Conclusion: Where next, and how do we get there?

Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean. And here we are, at the end of 8th Week, the end of Trinity Term and another year done and dusted. Over the last few months this column has looked at Oxford’s continued ties with fossil fuels, unpicked Boris Johnson’s hatred of bunny huggers, detailed the never-ceasing battle between kites Read More…


Move over free markets, reducing inequality is back in vogue: why fairness is central to a Green Recovery Now, and the means to collective prosperity

Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean. Guest Climate Columnist Oli Storey argues that fairness must lie at the heart of a green recovery from Covid-19. Time and time again human society has faced crises of existential order. In each instance people show themselves to be resilient, innovative, and resourceful. Individuals use these skills for a range Read More…


Who Owns England? In conversation with Guy Shrubsole

Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean 25,000 people own half of the land in England. That’s far less than one percent of the country, who are in possession of millions of acres of farmland, upland, peatland, forest (what little of it we have), parks, and every other type of land you can think of, from London Read More…


The swift, the kite and the crow

Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean. People don’t look up enough. They don’t stop enough. They certainly don’t listen enough. Apologies if this stop, look and listen stuff sounds like those primary school crossing-the-road lessons, but I stick by the important message of those words, albeit in a quite different context. In Oxford especially it’s important Read More…


More than just shoots: the Green Party surge in local elections

Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean. Whilst much of the media’s attention last weekend was on the Labour Party’s failings at the local elections, Greens up and down the country were marvelling at the party’s successes, taking seat after seat. Indeed, in all regions of England, from the North East to the South West, as well Read More…


The problem with not being a bunny hugger

Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean. Shockingly, for a man usually so befitting of the respectability that the office of Prime Minister demands, Boris Johnson’s appearance at last week’s Leaders Summit on Climate was an utter shit show. A BBC News article summarised what the PM had to say in his speech: “Tackling climate change is Read More…

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Oxford and fossil fuels: Part of the cure or part of the disease?

Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean On the one hand, the University of Oxford’s scientists, economists and other academics have led ground-breaking work to tackle the climate and ecological crises, producing invaluable research and finding solutions to some of our most pressing problems. At the same time, however, their employer accepts millions of pounds in donations Read More…

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Report reveals Oxford ties to fossil fuel industry

A report released on Tuesday reveals the extent to which Oxford University has received funding and donations from the some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies, including BP, Shell and Eni. The report, entitled ‘Money, People, Reputation: Oxford’s Ties with the Fossil Fuel Industry’, was researched and written by the Oxford Climate Justice Campaign, Read More…

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‘The New Climate War’: Michael E. Mann on how to fight the climate inactivists

Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean So far in this Column we’ve looked at two issues – climate anxiety, and destructive fishing – both of which provide perfect examples of what Michael E. Mann discusses in his most recent book, ‘The New Climate War’. Mann is a renowned American climate scientist, most famous for his hockey-stick Read More…