Outside of his degree, Josh enjoys sports and music, including football and golf. He has written articles in the Old Veseyan and enjoys reading modern history books, especially post-WW2.
Sports News

Sport: old guard shines as the Masters 2020 gets underway

The inaugural Autumn Masters was always set to provide a new challenge to the golfers in an already difficult year. With rain delaying the first tee times by three hours, 45 players were unable to finish their round before night fell. The combination of the cooler autumn conditions and the heavy rain flooding several greens Read More…

Cultures Music

Saving the “cult classic”: a Review of INSPIRATION INFORMATION

When an album is described to me as a “cult classic”, just as INSPIRATION INFORMATION was, alarm bells start ringing. A now overused term for pretentious art people don’t actually like, however, listen to in order to be perceived as cool, hipster and have a certain edge, cult classics often lead to a disappointing listen. Therefore, Read More…