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Will Germany Find A Suitable Replacement For Mutti Merkel?

Will Germany find a suitable replacement for Mutti? Many of us hardly remember the times when Angela Merkel wasn’t Germany’s chancellor. We have gotten used to seeing her represent Germany next to other world leaders,  and veneration for her has expanded well beyond the German borders. However, the time has come after 16 years where, Read More…


Switzerland bans Burqa and Niqab: sexist, feminist or racist?

“Sadly, it seems like the feminist cause has again been used as a curtain behind which hides the party’s well-rooted Islamophobia… it wouldn’t be the first time that this party only preoccupies itself with women’s rights when they can use it against their favourite scapegoat: Islam.”

Johannes Moehrle examines the Islamophobia behind Switzerland’s ban of the veil.