Jen Jackson reads Ancient and Modern History at Christ Church. She is a Current Affairs Editor for the Oxford Blue.
Current Affairs

Electoral Commission to investigate Boris Johnson flat renovations

The Electoral Commission has launched a formal investigation into the renovations made by Boris Johnson and Carrie Simmonds to their Number 11 Downing Street flat.  An assessment has been conducted on the information provided by the Conservative Party in the last month, leading to the Electoral Commission’s statement that there are “reasonable grounds to suspect” an offence has occurred. It added that “the investigation will determine whether any Read More…

Current Affairs

Warwick University sit-in protest demands greater protection for women on campus

CW: Discussion of sexual assault A sit-in protest at Warwick University has been ongoing for three weeks over women’s safety on campus. The issue of female safety has recently garnered huge amounts of media attention. In the wake of vigils for Sarah Everard, outpourings of personal testimonies of sexual harassment at private schools across the Read More…

Global Affairs

Nepal Plan to Limit Women’s Freedom to Travel Abroad

A law proposed in Nepal will ban women from travelling abroad without permission from their families and local government officials. The restriction has been suggested by the Department of Immigration, which argued that it would prevent women from becoming victims of human trafficking, and make it easier for the government to help women in trouble Read More…