Jacob is Events Director for Michaelmas 2021. He is a second-year History & Politics student at Hertford College, and when not in Oxford, lives in Siġġiewi, Malta.
Global Affairs

Calling Europe: The Continent in 2021

Since then-U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger supposedly asked ‘who do I call if I want to call Europe?’ in the mid-1970s, the meaning of Europe has remained intensely contested. Can Europe be equated with anything deeper or more transcendent than the institutions of the European Union whilst remaining a valuable concept? Is Europe – Read More…

Global Affairs

Biden’s First Hundred Days

The 30th of April will be the 100th day since Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. No president since Harry Truman in 1945 has inherited such a chaotic and dangerous world from their predecessor, with Biden having to deal with the extra detail of his predecessor refusing to acknowledge Read More…

Global Affairs

A Point of Departure: The Paris Commune 150 Years Later

18th March marked 150 years since the start of the Paris Commune, a revolutionary regime that for a brief 72 days wielded power amidst the climate of general disarray that followed the spectacular defeat of French armies in the Franco-Prussian War. In an ensuing post-armistice election, whilst most of France elected conservative deputies, Parisians bucked Read More…