Jack Chong is a first-year student studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Christ Church. He has co-founded Level Up, an ed-tech startup formed from OX1 Incubator, winning a total of £10K+ prizes on Demo Day 2020. He has also co-founded UnbOx, a student initiative to select Oxford talents and place them into startup internships. He is passionate about student entrepreneurship and increasing access to the Oxford startup ecosystem.

Why Pret’s subscription is great for you but terrible for Pret

Prêt à Manger’s £20/month subscription plan has received a consistently bad reception. In my opinion, that’s a bit rough. As a (former) subscriber, I do think that Pret has overdelivered my expectations of the “subscription experience”. With a month of coffee for free, Pret has converted me from a tea-lover into a freshly minted coffee-addict. How brew-tiful! Read More…


COVID-19: A time for schools to level up their edtech game

Deep down, I am a little envious of the sixth formers who were supposed to take their A-Levels and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams this summer. COVID-19 has thrown everyone off guard and even our very own Oxford University has canceled all face-to-face teachings and resorted to remote learning for Trinity Term. This disease is proving Read More…