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Oxford Success in Recent Malaria Vaccine Trials

Oxford University’s Jenner Institute has recently confirmed success in trials for an effective vaccine against malaria. The trial took place in Nanoro, a region in Burkina Faso, and involved 450 children between the ages of 5 and 17. The institute is the same one that trialled the recent AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine’s efficacy has Read More…

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Smartphone addiction in nearly 4/10 students

I thought that social media couldn’t become any larger a part of our lives, but after a year of intense lockdowns and with staying at home becoming the norm, I was wrong. UK citizens spent 46% more time on their phones since July 2020. Children have spent the majority of the day on screens because Read More…

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A union on the brink: why the combination of Covid-19 and Brexit is paving the way for Scottish independence

“If it weren’t for either Covid or Brexit there might have been a chance for the Union, but now with both colliding in calamity, separation seems more and more likely every day.”

Gwendy Davenport examines the arguments driving the renewed campaign for Scottish independence.