Gloria is a Junior Lifestyle Editor for The Oxford Blue. She is in her second year, studying Psychology & Linguistics at Christ Church. If not writing essays, you will usually find her binging a TV series, or procrastinating by re-organising her Spotify playlists.
Cultures Introduction to Music

Introduction to: Faouzia

In our ‘Introduction to:’ series, writers take their artists who are perhaps more unknown or underrated than they should be showing us exactly why they deserve more attention. This time, Lifestyle Editor Gloria Morey introduces Faouzia and reflects on the beauty that comes from excellent lyrics sung even more excellently.

Fashion and Style Lifestyle

Pret A Porter

Some days the only time we leave college – or even our rooms – is to go on our daily trip for coffee. We’re often faced with a few dilemmas, perhaps including which coffee shop to go to, or which drink to order. But a recurring dilemma for many is: “What should I wear?” Or Read More…

Global Affairs

Eurovision voting politics: British excuse or reality?

Some viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest are quick to jump on the idea of tactical or political voting. Particularly, as the United Kingdom has scored 26th place (last) in the Grand Final in the last two shows, people are quick to blame our poor placement on international relations, or Brexit. The Eurovision Song Contest Read More…

Global Affairs

Open Up to Eurovision 2021

After much anticipation, on 22nd May we were finally able to watch the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, hosted by the Netherlands in Rotterdam. Many artists had been waiting for two years to perform on the Eurovision stage, after the contest was cancelled last year in light of the pandemic.  Only two Read More…