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Oxford City Council reveals sharp shift in gender pay gap

Oxford City Council has today published its annual gender pay gap report. The report, based on the snapshot date of March 31st 2019, shows that the median gender pay gap is 12.1%. This means that the midpoint in the range of hourly earnings for women is 12.1% lower than the respective midpoint for men. The Read More…


Sporting moments of the decade

Where to begin when thinking of the best sporting moments of the last decade? From its opening, the 2010s made sure to impress; June 22nd 2010 saw John Isner and Nicolas Mahut play the longest match in tennis history at three days. Wimbledon has since changed its rules on fifth-set tiebreaks to avoid a repeat. Read More…

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What do Oxford students think about the Labour leadership race?

The Labour leadership campaign is gearing up into full swing, so now seems the best time to talk to Oxford students about their thoughts on the remaining candidates in the race to lead the Labour party and what should emerge of the process more generally. All the Oxford students I spoke to seemed to agree Read More…