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Meet the Lifestyle Editors

Illustration by Ben Beechener

Hello! I’m Lucy, a fresher studying History at Worcester College, and I am delighted to be Senior Lifestyle Editor at The Oxford Blue this term. There’s a lot in store for our lifestyle readers this Trinity, so watch out for our articles – they are not to be missed! This term, the lifestyle team has decided to introduce itself through our favourite places to eat in Oxford and, without further ado, I will begin. My favourite spot to eat in Oxford is probably Gino’s, not just because of its very close proximity to my college, but also because of its welcoming atmosphere and great menu. Gino’s is a family-run restaurant that serves amazing Italian food at a decent price. It’s perfect for dates or meals with friends when you want to treat yourself after a gruelling essay! 

Lucy Heywood – Senior Lifestyle Editor

Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m continuing my role as Fashion and Style Editor of The Blue for Trinity Term! As a first-year English student, currently stressed about Prelims this term, Ask Italian is my go-to place for dinner in Oxford. I first visited it with eight friends back in Michaelmas Term, so it’s great for large groups. However, I was thrilled to discover that you can pick up their carbonara as a takeaway, which is ideal when I need a late-night dinner mid essay crisis. We’ve got some very exciting things lined up for the Fashion and Style section this term, so I hope you enjoy them! 

Amy Ellis Winter – Fashion and Style Editor

Hi, I’m Charlotte! I study History at Jesus College and I’m in my first year. I am very excited to start at The Blue as the Out and About Editor in the Lifestyle section. I love working in cafes because it’s more chilled and relaxed than libraries. My favourite café is probably The Jericho Café because it’s close enough to the centre of Oxford for it not to be too far, but also feels like you are a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of the city! 

Charlotte Gleed – Out and About Editor

Hiya, I’m Daniel and I study Geography at Worcester College. As a first-year, the past few months have been quite chaotic. It’s been such a fantastic experience being in a new place. I’ll be heading the Relationships section for lifestyle content at The Blue this term. Relating more to food, my favourite place to eat in Oxford has to be Gloucester Green Market. Yes, it’s a bit of a cheat – but there are just so many excellent options for food! From the German Bratwurst to the Gyoza stand, there are options for everyone, not to mention how incredible it will be in the summer warmth. 

Daniel Quinn – Relationships Editor

Hi, I’m Frances, and I’m the new Junior Editor for the Travel section of The Oxford Blue! I’m a second year MPhil student at Somerville studying linguistics, and I used to study Spanish as well. I’m really looking forward to working on the travel section this term, and I hope to provide lots of much-needed escapism during Trinity Term (and hopefully some inspiration too!). My favourite place to eat in Oxford is Za’atar Bake. Seeing as it’s along Cowley Road, and therefore miles away by Oxford standards (unless you’re lucky enough to be nearby), it seems a fitting choice for the travel editor. But I promise it’s not that far really – and it’s so worth the trip, even if you’re on the wrong side of town. I especially recommend the kunafa – a desert featuring spun pastry, syrup, pistachios and even cheese. And if you’re not already completely sold by the delicious Levantine food on offer, then the friendly staff, great music (sometimes even live drumming) and beautiful décor are worth it alone. For that reason, I really recommend experiencing it in person, although takeaway and delivery options are available if necessary. The weekend lunchtime rush (book ahead if you want a seat!) is testimony to the fact that Za’atar Bake is fast becoming Oxford’s worst-kept secret. 

Frances Dowle – Travel Editor

‘First Year’, ‘English’, ‘Jesus College’ are the answers for the three questions you are most likely to be asked as an Oxford student but not, of course, the most important. An alternative introduction that I feel would shed a lot more light on my personality is that I am a Welsh country girl who happens to find herself in the city for eight weeks at a time. During those eight weeks I am usually to be found in The Rad Cam or somewhere with a good cup of coffee furiously working away at a project. I tend to jump between cafes, however my favourite (particularly for breakfast!) is The Organic Deli next to The White Rabbit. I discovered The Deli quite by accident while in search of somewhere to pick up my wholefood essentials and I have to say it has the most amazing vegan breakfast! As can probably be ascertained, I will be the Health and Wellbeing editor, and I look forward to inspiring healthy habits throughout exams! 

Niamh Jones – Health and Wellbeing Editor

Don’t forget to send us a message or an email if you’re interested in writing an article for us, and make sure to keep an eye out for our commissions this term!