Flora is studying French and Italian at Christ Church. She would like someone to believe her when she says the scar on her knee came from a shark and hopes this biography will make it happen.
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Everyday Economics: Environmental Externalities

The problem is that the negative externality theory assumes that you can compensate for this externality of environmental degradation from car emissions. With climate change constantly worsening, we can’t just compensate for the externality arising from fossil fuels and private transport usage – we need to actively reverse it.


Everyday Economics: Inequalities In Language And How To Counteract Them

Language is not just a means of communication, but also the expression of an entire nation’s identity. There will always be a trade-off between valuing and preserving a people’s native language, and the return of an investment in human capital that learning a dominant or common language provides.

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Everyday Economics: The Economics of Language

It might seem a little depressing to reduce something with so many individualities to a matter of costs and benefits, but in doing so we can perhaps explain why one language may be more likely to outlive another. If we say that the creator of a language (or the founder of a society’s particular communication system) is the fundamental policy-maker, what makes this particular policy successful in the long-term?

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Everyday Economics: Dating and the Commons

If coordination were possible, an agreement between all users to send fewer and higher-quality messages would generate the greatest benefit to the dating pool as a whole. That’s not to discourage some of the most disastrously bizarre Tinder messages, which have provided hours of entertainment to users and meme pages across the globe.

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Portrait de la jeune fille en feu: Céline Sciamma’s Unmissable Feminist Tale

Lesbian representation in films, in particular mainstream films, is difficult to find. The industry often shies away from a plot that focuses itself around the love between two women, perhaps out of a belief that it will not attract enough viewers, or perhaps because it is often over-sexualised and therefore reduces the scope of such Read More…