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The Race to Rollout: A look at how the vaccine is being administered around the world.

Over the last month, countries across the globe have begun distributing long-awaited vaccines. They are not, however, the quick-fix many had hoped for. Not only are there multiple versions of the vaccine, but there are competing regulatory agencies, arguments over who should receive it first, and prices that range from $3- $62 per dose, depending Read More…

Image of the US Capitol building with tear gas and trump supporters in front of it.
Global Affairs

Trump supporters storm the US Capitol

The US Congress was put into lockdown overnight after hundreds of Trump protesters stormed the Capitol yesterday afternoon in Washington D.C.  The source of protesters’ anger was the meeting of Congress on Wednesday to certify the Electoral College results, confirming Biden as the next President of the United States. This came as news from Georgia Read More…


Gender without an audience

“2020 was queen of wacky lockdown trends and a look back over some of them suggests that many of us were questioning, if not abandoning, our gender performances, whether we knew it or not…”

Eve McMullen explores how lockdown has given people the freedom to change and experiment with their gender expression.