Dan Hubbard is a Global Affairs editor at the Oxford Blue. He is a second year Historian at St John's college and when not at Oxford lives near Liverpool
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The Establishment Strikes Back? – Exploring America’s Post-Trump Foreign Policy

It would be fair to say that every member of the incoming Biden administration has a stressful job ahead of them. Their list of tasks is undeniably daunting: dealing with one of the world’s worst Covid outbreaks; restoring faith in a government structure undermined by four years of populism; and attempting to reconcile a country  Read More…

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Coronavirus in Hungary: Pandemic or political tool to kill democracy?

Across the globe, the coronavirus pandemic has seen the rapid inflation of government power. Executives are seeking to bail out industries and are forcing citizens to follow social distancing measures. In the UK, this has taken the form of banning people from socialising outside their households, while the US is preparing a $2 trillion stimulus Read More…


Podcasts For Your Daily Routine

As a young person in 2020, there can be an understandable pressure to keep up with the events of the world. However, with the impeachment and then acquittal of Donald Trump, Britain’s de jure departure from the European Union, and the spread of coronavirus all being major headlines within the month alone, there are of Read More…