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Guilt Trips and Sheep Guts: Short Films The Academy Missed, But You Shouldn’t

This year five films of very different styles were nominated in the Live-Action short film category at the Oscars, and from a group of nominations offering genuinely subtle and humane reflections on a host of topics, ranging from voyeuristic desires to brotherhood and betrayal, The Academy still managed to drag the dullest, most humourless film from this rich selection as its winner.

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A guide to Ghibli

Last weekend, while UK dwellers were probably fast asleep, something magical happened. Netflix dropped the first 7 out of a total 21 Studio Ghibli Films that will all become available over the next 3 months everywhere excluding Japan, Canada and the USA. The booing and hissing issuing from across the Atlanic is almost audible. I Read More…

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The Lighthouse Review: Barnacled Bathos

Following the success of Robert Eggers’ film The Witch, a genuinely unsettling debut that injected traditional folk horror with nuanced political undertones and plenty of sinister goats, the UK has eagerly awaited the release of his psycho-sexual horror film, The Lighthouse. Set against the murky backdrop of 19th century New England, his latest film charts the lives of two lighthouse Read More…