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Abortion reform is now practically impossible in Honduras, but hope remains

In January, the Honduran Parliament approved a bill that practically cemented the total abortion ban that has been constitutionally enshrined since 1985. On Monday, 25th of January, the constitutional “lock” bill – as described to Vice World News by Mario Perez, the MP who tabled it –  was rubber-stamped. It is expected to be ratified Read More…


Trump’s downfall will not put out the flames of Christian authoritarianism

“Whether they are proposing laws hostile to LGBTQ+ rights, harsher abortion restrictions or enforcing their ‘Christian values’ in other ways, these groups are enacting changes in the shadows; unaccountable and elusive.”

Clara Marks discusses the long-lasting impact of Qanon, Trump and far-right Christian groups on US politics.

Current Affairs

Motion to extend the uplift in Universal Credit: How did Oxfordshire MP’s vote?

On Monday the 18th January the Labour Party took control of the Commons for Opposition Day. One of their motions urged the Government to continue the £20-a-week uplift in Universal Credit and the basic element in Working Tax Credit which under current circumstances will be scrapped in April.  The motion read: “This house believes that Read More…