Chris is a Junior Editor in Global Affairs and a second-year historian at Magdalen College. He has his own blog ( focusing on defence, technology, and foreign affairs. His special interest is Russian history and politics, on which he has published articles in both The Blue and his own blog.
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Never in Isolation: HMS Defender, COVID-19 and illusions of control in Putin’s Russia

It was bound to happen. A Royal Navy destroyer on a routine voyage through the Black Sea decided to steam past Cape Fiolent, the southern peninsula of Russian-occupied Crimea. It triggered a frosty response by Russian border guards, and brusque words were exchanged between the British and Russian governments. Of course, respective accounts differed. The Read More…

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Watch This Space: how the new Space Race is different from the first

Late on Friday night, as Oxford students worked, dozed, or staggered out of the pub, mission controllers at Beijing’s China National Space Administration (CNSA) set a new milestone in the new space race. At 23.18, the Zhurong rover touched down successfully on Mars’s Utopia Planitia basin. This makes China the third nation to land a Read More…

Image: U.S. Army
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Clocking Out: US troops to withdraw from Afghanistan

Last Wednesday President Biden announced that the 2,500 American troops remaining in Afghanistan will be withdrawn from the country. The deadline has been set at 11 September, exactly two decades since the 9/11 attacks that brought American forces into Afghanistan in the first place.  Since the US funds the lion’s share of the logistics which Read More…

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The Mask Is Falling: Western-Chinese Sanctions and the Post-COVID Order

The CCP is forcing Western companies to make a choice: on the one hand, they can voice support their own countries’ liberal values, but lose access to the Chinese market. On the other, they can remain silent, continue to use the products of Chinese repression in their supply chains, and reap the profits from good relations with the CCP.