Chloé (she/her) is an Egyptologist who, when not studying obscure ancient languages, writes fantasy and sci-fi fiction and non-fiction articles on education and the arts for The Oxford Blue, The Oxford Student, and Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative.

The Pill Shortage – A Symptom of the Wider Epidemic in Women’s Health

It is certainly true that there are sexual health-related issues that affect men more than women. Take as a case study the universally unhelpful ‘tough’ masculine image presented in My Left Nut, a series soon to arrive on BBC iPlayer based on Michael Patrick’s own experience of not going to the doctor about the lump Read More…


Degree Reviews: The reality of DPhil History

This post is part of a series of articles that The Oxford Blue will be publishing about Oxford degrees. First person, in depth, and critical accounts of an Oxford education are hard to find online and open discussions about what our University doesn’t get right are needed outside the confines of salty Oxfesses. We hope Read More…

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Taking the High Road – Most Anticipated Pop Albums of 2020 So Far

By Chloé Agar So, we’ve survived the New Year, almost got through Veganuary, and have even started Hilary Term. What more excitement could there be? Well, music releases, of course (work with me here). While it is still only January, and I might be setting the bar very high, there are already some fantastic pop Read More…