Carol Jones is the Theatre Editor at The Oxford Blue. She studies DPhil Music Composition at St Catherine's and works as a freelance composer. When not studying, she lives in Hertfordshire.

What politicians are missing about ‘online banter’

Carol Jones examines the recent controversy around cricketer Ollie Robinson’s tweets and what politicians reactions show that they don’t understand about online abuse.

‘Dowden’s comments subconsciously sets a standard for organisations across the country that they don’t have to take seriously complaints about racism or sexual harassment. And that is dangerous.’

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The Blueprint, Issue No. 4—Multicultural Identity

The Blueprint is The Oxford Blue’s brand-new arts publication. Following in the footsteps of Creativity in Crisis, it showcases creative work in a range of artistic media, providing a space to share thoughts, stories and personal experiences. Issue No. 4—Multicultural Identity I am a citizen of the world. Sylvia Beach In today’s age of globalisation, Read More…

Global Affairs

China leads the way in paying women for domestic labour

This week, the world was noticeably confused on how to react when a woman in China was awarded $7,700 USD for five years of housework as part of a divorce settlement. Many were ecstatic to see the first case that recognised housework as labour and set a monetary value on it. Many more, however, failed Read More…