Rebecca Whant is an opinion writer for The Oxford Blue. She is studying English at St Edmund Hall College and will hopefully go on to become a lawyer. As well as the UK, Rebecca is originally from The Seychelles.
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Normal People: Simply A Classic

Me, an interviewer: “So, Mr William Self, esteemed author and journalist, what did you think of Normal People?” Mr Self, esteemed author and journalist: “I read a few pages of  Sally Rooney’s book. It may say things that millennials want to hear reflected back at them, but it’s very simple stuff with no literary ambition Read More…


So.. Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Reader, I married him. I looked at him across the dancefloor and stared deep into his eyes.  ‘Will you?’, I said, heart-racing, vision blurring.  ‘I don’t know you very well, but…okay,’ he replied. Success! 3 days into freshers and I have scored a guaranteed friend! They have to stick around if you marry them, right? Read More…