Anvee Bhutani is Senior Media Editor of The Oxford Blue and was formerly both News Editor and Events Director. She is a penultimate year student at Magdalen College reading Human Sciences and is originally from San Francisco, California.
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Bookstores are disappearing. COVID-19 was the last straw.

Since the tech boom of the 1980s and 90s, tech has continued to revolutionize all facets of our lives as it renders one thing after the next obsolete. From cassettes to DVDs, to watching Netflix and being addicted to the 6-inch supercomputers that live in our pockets, technology regularly phases out the old and replaces Read More…

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Oxford study shows masks beneficial as university plans to require their use in Michaelmas

An Oxford study released last week found that masks and cloth face coverings are effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19. The University of Oxford plans to require the use of face coverings as part of its preparations for Michaelmas 2020. The study by Oxford University’s Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science investigated the effectiveness of Read More…

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18 Oxford offer-holders share their thoughts on the uncertainty caused by COVID-19

With the cancellation of A-level exams and the ongoing lockdown that continues to mandate social distancing rules, the coronavirus pandemic has made this one of the strangest periods in history to have an offer from Oxford. With all the nervousness, excitement, and chaos that is ensuing, we asked 18 University of Oxford offer-holders to share Read More…

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Reuben brothers fund Oxford’s newest college despite former allegations of illegal operations and money laundering

A landmark donation of £80 million by the Reuben Foundation is to fund Oxford’s newest graduate college. The news comes despite accusations that the Reuben brothers were involved in illegal activity both in Soviet Russia and Kazakstan, as well as having possible links to money-laundering activities.