Honest Thoughts on Freshers Week – Part 2

My Freshers Week was an emotional rollercoaster and a half. I think people imagine that this is the time (and the only time) where you meet your friends for life. But friendships don’t work like that. You need time and shared experiences and building trust before something can be a friendship.

Current Affairs

Open letter to Christ Church censors: we demand a public apology

This is an open letter written by a group of Oxford students. Its petition has been signed by 2,700 students from 98 universities across the world, including UCL, Toronto, New York, Harvard, Amsterdam, Université de Paris, National University of Singapore, and Cambridge. Oxford contributed over 1,800 names.


“Who was that to?!” – Memories of an “active” childhood

“In Year 3, I went to a bowling-themed birthday party organised by our PE coach (how those parties were ever fashionable continues to baffle me). Everyone got a certificate for “Best Aim”, “Most Strikes”, etc. What did I get? You know it. “Best Effort.” I’ve accrued an impressive amount of “sportsmanship” (read: consolation) awards.”