Amy is a second year studying Chemistry at Lady Margaret Hall and an Opinion Editor for the Blue. In case one widely hated extracurricular wasn't enough, she also rows and plays lacrosse.
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Shouting doesn’t make you right: how the media misreport Covid

“The intersection of science and ideology engendered by the pandemic has presented novel (dare I say unprecedented) challenges for journalism; challenges which have arguably not been handled particularly well.”

Amy Sankey explores Covid misinformation and disinformation in the media.

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Private school suppliers fail at free meals

“The stark contrast between the wide choice of full, nutritious meals offered every lunchtime in private schools and the battered fruit and potatoes of the packages offered to struggling families reveals more than a company’s single-minded focus on the more profitable aspect of its business model.”

Amy Sankey explores Chartwells’s failure to supply adequate free school meals.