Alice Gowland (she/her) is the current Science and Technology Editor for The Oxford Blue, and a Third Year Experimental Psychology student at Magdalen College. She is a cheerleader, peer supporter, and proud Northerner, with a passion for discussing topics within all spheres of science. To get in touch with her, please email
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Detecting seismic waves on Mars: new opportunities for discovery in NASA mission

A spacecraft, named InSight, deployed three years ago to Mars, has been tested in the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford. Scientists hope that it will be able to detect the landing of NASA’s Perseverance Rover on the surface of Earth’s neighbouring planet next month, helping scientists to better understand the interior structure Read More…

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New Experimental Psychology and Biology Department building approved for construction

A new “Life and Mind Building”, which will be funded and delivered in partnership with Legal and General, is to become home to the University of Oxford Departments of Experimental Psychology and Biology (combining Zoology and Plant Sciences).

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s INEOS donates £100m to new Oxford antimicrobial research institute

The University of Oxford yesterday announced that £100m is being donated by Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s company INEOS to fund the creation of a new institute researching antimicrobial resistance, called The INEOS Oxford Institute for AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) Research.

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New Research Finds Psychedelic Substance with Potential to Treat Depression

Research from the University of California published in the journal Nature has found that tabernanthalog (TBG), an analogue of the plant-based substance ibogaine, has anti-addictive and antidepressant effects on rats. These promising results suggest that TBG, which is a non-hallucinogenic, safer form of ibogaine, could be useful in treating addiction and depression in humans. Scientists Read More…

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NHS blood donation rules to be relaxed for gay and bisexual men from summer 2021

In what has been described as a “landmark change” by the Health Secretary, there will be a relaxation of the rules surrounding NHS blood donation by gay and bisexual men.  The changes, announced on Monday, follow the conclusions of the FAIR (For the Assessment of Individualised Risk) steering group report. From summer 2021, men who Read More…