Alice is our resident sex columnist whose interests include pints, pink, and all things love-related. When she's not evangelising Singledom she's busy hyping up her East Midlands home town, demystifying bisexuality, and writing for other publications such as Lithium Magazine and Adolescent Content.
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Nice to Meet You, I’m a Slut! #ifuckinglovekale

“Be thin, but also, don’t” seems to be the current paradox we are expected to fulfil through rigorous workout routines, snorting a line of kale for breakfast, and drinking blended green sludge (which, incidentally, will probably make you feel like you’re going to shit yourself – but that’s probably how you know it’s working).

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Nice to Meet You, I’m a Slut! Tinder: A Waste of Precious Time?

“If Tinder were a place, it would be Fever. Specifically, Fever on a Tuesday night , a time when we almost certainly have better things to be doing with our time than dancing the night away to Akon remixed with S-Club 7, or idly swiping the night away from the comfort of your own bed.”

In the first of her weekly column, Alice Garnett explores whether Tinder really is the Land of Opportunity we might hope it to be.