Alice is our resident sex columnist whose interests include pints, pink, and all things love-related. When she's not evangelising Singledom she's busy hyping up her East Midlands home town, demystifying bisexuality, and writing for other publications such as Lithium Magazine and Adolescent Content.
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Nice To Meet You, I’m A Slut: Monogamy, Is It Dead Yet?

Had you asked me this question three months ago I’d have answered vehemently with a definitive: “YES.”  Because why would I – a young, beautiful 21 year old in her prime – limit myself to one partner?! The notion seemed ridiculous. As I’ve mentioned in previous pieces, at secondary school I was a serial monogamist. Read More…


Nice To Meet You: I’m A Slut!: A Conversation on Bisexuality With Non-Bisexual People

I don’t believe biphobia often comes from a place of malice; I think many people are still unfamiliar with the terminology and the general do’s and don’ts surrounding bisexuality thanks to a lack of bi visibility throughout society.


Nice To Meet You, I’m A Slut!: First, Second and Third Dates

First, second, and third dates are often the landmark events in any dating journey; they’re a time for first impressions, the opportunity to amend said first impressions, and a time-frame in which you’re traditionally expected to go from total strangers to lovers. But it’s rarely that straight-forward.