In a world where news moves so quickly, and where partisanship dominates political discourse, one of the predominant roles of The Oxford Blue is to act as a neutral, open-access platform for meaningful debate.

For this reason, we are excited to introduce our new ‘Oxford’ section of the paper, as well as a brand-new ‘Features’ section. 

Both sections are part of The Blue’s response to an age where fast-paced news too often dominates considered thought. ‘Oxford’ will be split into three subsections: Interviews, Out and About (formerly in Lifestyle), and News Commentary. These subsections will pay particular attention not only to empirical facts, but also reporting what students think about the things that really matter.

Meanwhile, the Features section will provide an in-depth look into key aspects of the University, slowing down to look at the whole picture. In particular, we are eager that the Features section will have writers from across the Oxford University body: undergraduates, postgraduates, or those involved in any of the many societies here in Oxford.

The aim of both of these new sections will be to move away from ‘breaking news’ and shifting towards ‘slow news’, commentary, and looking at the wider story. This kind of in-depth analysis of relevant issues within Oxford is something we feel The Blue can uniquely provide.

Stay tuned.

If you would like to get involved with The Oxford Blue, we are now recruiting. Application forms can be found on our Linktree:

Guy Ward-Jackson

Guy Ward-Jackson (he/him) is Editor-in-Chief of The Oxford Blue for Michaelmas term. Previous roles include Senior Editor of News, Senior Editor of Investigations, BlueLight, and Junior Editor of Global Affairs. Currently second, going into third year studying history at Trinity.

Lucy Heywood

Lucy Heywood (she/her) is the Editor-in-Chief of The Oxford Blue this term, having formerly worked in Lifestyle. Between studying History at Worcester College and editing for The Blue, Lucy can usually be found watching rom-coms or listening to music with a Knoops hot chocolate in hand.

Ben Blackburn

Ben Blackburn is Senior News Editor at The Oxford Blue and a second-year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student.