Talk of the Week – The War in Ukraine: Political Geography Roundtable Discussion

This week there is a roundtable discussion with Dr Vlad Mykhnenko, Professor Judith Pallot, and Dr Ian Klinke on Friday 6th May (15:00), at the Lecture Theatre in the Dyson Perrins Building, offering a chronological examination of the causes and impacts of the War in Ukraine. 

All three speakers are political geographers who are widely acclaimed in their respective fields of study. Professor Pallot, the first female Official Student of Geography at Christ Church, has been researching Russian and Soviet geography for over forty years, and is currently investigating the Russian penal system, focusing on the increasing imprisonment of political opponents since 2014

Dr Klinke is the author of Cryptic Concrete: A Subterranean Journey into Cold War Germany, which explores how military landscapes evolved aroundthe possibility of nuclear war. 

Dr Mykhnenko, an expert in post-communist Eastern Europe, has been personally impacted by the war, with his own family forced to flee Ukraine due to the Russian aggression. He recently completed a research project entitled Ukraine’s Hidden Tragedy, where he exposed the worsening of living standards for 1.7 million internally displaced Ukrainians following the annexation of Crimea

Other talks and events going on in Oxford in week two include:

Guy Ward-Jackson

Guy Ward-Jackson (he/him) is Editor-in-Chief of The Oxford Blue for Michaelmas term. Previous roles include Senior Editor of News, Senior Editor of Investigations, BlueLight, and Junior Editor of Global Affairs. Currently second, going into third year studying history at Trinity.