Image Source: BBC
Reported by Freya Jones

On Saturday 2nd April, a small plane crashed into a block of flats near Bicester, Oxfordshire. The flats were unoccupied at the time and the pilot has been taken to the John Radcliffe hospital for emergency care.

The crash happened yesterday at 12:00 BST, as a light aircraft came down over a new building development. The pilot was able to eject themself and land by parachute, before the plane was destroyed. They suffered several injuries, the extent of which is unknown, but nobody else was harmed.

The Thames Valley Police attended the scene and have put a cordon in place, although no local residents are being evacuated. Those with any footage or information are urged to contact the force by calling 101, quoting reference 857.

The crash happened near the RAF base on Camp Road, but the aircraft involved has not been identified as a military plane.