Access to the Radcam and Old Bod will be reduced between the 14th and 20th February to allow filming to take place.

Readers trying to access either library may be asked to wait a few minutes before crossing “the Bodleian Library Old Schools Quadrangle, the Clarendon Quadrangle and the north side of the Radcliffe Camera grounds”. Filming is also taking place on Catte Street.

The news follows reports by The Oxford Mail that set up for the filming of Wonka starring Timothée Chalamet has begun in Oxford. The film is intended as a prequel to the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, though the exact premise of the film remains unknown. It is, at time of writing, expected to release on 17th March 2023.

Filming is also expected to affect Catte Street, Merton Street, and New College Lane, which will be closed to all vehicles, today and tomorrow. In addition, traffic restrictions will apply on Broad Street from 6am to 10pm today.

Wonka initially began filming in Oxford on Merton Street during December 2021. However, it was ultimately rescheduled for this year. The current filming is a resumption of the filming that began last year.