Reported by Ben Blackburn

C.W. Sexual Harassment

Dean of Christ Church Martyn Percy to step down following the successful conclusion of mediation over “outstanding issues” including a sexual harassment allegation.

In a statement released on Friday, Christ Church confirmed the resolution of “outstanding issues” in a protracted dispute between the College’s Governing Body and its Dean, the Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy. As part of the resolution, accepted by all parties, Percy will step down as Dean, a position he has held since 2014.

The dispute, which has continued for nearly two years, included disputes over remuneration, and, more recently, accusations of sexual harassment made against the Dean by an unnamed party, “person X”. In December, the dispute escalated when the Vice-Chancellor and the Chancellor of the University urged the Governing Body to address the “protracted and ongoing dispute.”

The terms of the resolution have not been revealed, but it has been reported by several outlets that the resolution involves a seven figure payout for the Dean.

Meanwhile, a separate confidential resolution has been reached between Percy and person X. In a statement, X said “the resolution that has now been reached brings the matter to a formal close, and I hope that we can all move forward in a positive manner.” However, she adds that: “I wish that a resolution could have been achieved more quickly and without the pain and stress I have endured, so that the sense of injustice I have long felt could have been, if not entirely eradicated, made more bearable.”

The statement from Christ Church also includes a pledge to “commission a comprehensive review of its policies and procedures in relation to sexual harassment to be led by an independent expert” within twelve months. This is at the request of person X, who adds that “I know what I experienced on that day and I want to ensure that no other student or member of staff has to go through the ordeal that I have.”

One Christ Church student said: “I’m glad that this is all over, and especially glad that the alleged victim was satisfied with the end result, as that is of utmost importance. The fact that Christ Church has supported and stood by this individual makes me proud of the college, and it’s fantastic that they’re working together to review the sexual harassment policies, as it demonstrates their willingness to foster the safest environment possible for everyone. I hope that this means Christ Church will be less embroiled in scandal from now on, and the only thing I regret is the amount of money that had to be spent on appeasing the tantrums of what I believe is a fragile, grown man who abuses his positions of power.”

Christ Church and the Very Reverend Martyn Percy have been contacted for comment.