Voting for the Oxford SU has opened today, with students able to vote for who they would like to make up the Sabbatical Officer Team. 

The roles available on the Sabbatical Officers Team are: SU President, VP Access and Academic Affairs, VP Charities and Community, VP Graduates, VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities, and VP Women. Sabbatical Officers either take a year out of their studies, or start the year after they’ve finished studying, and their role is a paid full time job. 

Voting has also opened for the voluntary roles within the Student Union. Three Student Trustees will be elected. Student Trustees are  members of the Trustee Board, which is ultimately responsible for the strategic success, financial sustainability and legal compliance of Oxford SU as a charitable organisation. Voting is also open for seven posts as NUS Delegates. As the NUS have a requirement that 50% of a delegation must self-identify as women, Oxford SU will ensure that a minimum of three delegates are self-defining women.

For more information on each of the candidates, manifestos can be found here, and all the SU Hustings can be found here. Voting will close on 10th February 6pm, and the results announcement will be on the same day at 9pm.